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Unleash Your creativity with Tootega Studio - Your Favourite Kayak in Your Favourite Colours!

Get ready to make a splash in vibrant hues - whether you're a fan of firebrick reds, Electric blues, or perhaps a striking combination that mirrors your zest for life.

With Tootega studio, not only do you choose your adventure, but you also select the colour palette of your dreams!

Embrace your individuality, showcase your personality, and steer through your aquatic escapades in a kayak that's truly a reflection of you. Adventure awaits - and now it's in your favourite colour!

Call us on 01953 455666 to start personalising your Tootega Studio Kayak.

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Proudly Designed and Made in the UK 

Crafted in the UK by paddling enthusiasts, each of our Tootega studio kayaks is unique, durable, and meticulously tested. 

We deliver more than just kayaks. We deliver unmatched performance, driven by passion and British craftsmanship. Start your journey with us.

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