Hull Types

 planing ‘c’

planing c

our most stable hull form also happens to be the liveliest!

Our carefully designed double concave hull provides class leading amounts of initial and secondary stability, boosting confidence from your very first trip.

The keel and channelling have been designed to aid tracking during flat water paddling, but to break free whilst planing in the surf, ensuring a lively and manoeuvrable feel.

The wide point of the plan shape and low point of the rocker are close to the paddlers hips, giving a responsive, balanced, and natural feel to the kayak.

Additional volume at the rail boosts stability yet further, whilst improving handling in rough water.

 pulse 85   pulse 95   pulse 120

 hybrid ‘c’

hybrid c

the best of both worlds? quite possibly!

Our hybrid hull blends the best of our surf inspired planing ‘c’ hull with features designed to make every paddle stroke more efficient and to improve tracking, even in choppy or windy conditions.

The concave depth has been reduced, and camber increased to give more rail to rail response and to reduce flat water drag, whilst still retaining great levels of stability

The bow and stern have been sharpened, and a more defined keel line added to increase tracking ability and to smoothly guide water through the central section of the hull improving the kayak’s glide.

Continual rocker through the entire hull length provides a smooth and responsive paddling experience, reduces hull ‘slap’ in choppy conditions, and boosts turning ability, whilst improving handling in rough water.

 kinetic 100

 touring ‘c’

touring c

a graceful, exceptionally stable, and extremely seaworthy platform

The concave section of the hull has been reduced to the central third and has been progressively spiralled out into a vee-keeled hull form at the bow and stern, providing a graceful and seaworthy platform.

Rail to rail camber has been increased even further from the Hybrid ‘C’ hull to aid turn initiation and soften the transition from the distinct vee-keeled sections, making it the most efficient concave hull form we make.

Continual rocker throughout the entire hull length and keel line keep these longer hull forms from becoming stiff, and when combined with the boosted volume at the rail ensure maximum seaworthiness for those adventures you haven’t thought of yet.

 sector 110   sector 135   prophecy 110   prophecy 135